small press editions

since 1985


>Retractable< by Kevin Spenst. $8 

Full of energetic appropriations, juxtapositions, and recontextualizations from other writers, the Internet, and the world,
Spenst makes the language buzz, hiss, clatter, and sing. Retractable like an umbrella, a public statement, or the reclaimed wilderness of words.
The redoubtable Retractable will stop you in your (re)tracts.

An excerpt from the book, not a (direct) description of it:

"A smartly bound art book of black and white photos. Each photo is of a brick mid-smash through an exploding window. 
The windows are in buildings on the abandoned island of Hashima in the East Japan Sea. On the side of each brick is a word. 
The entire series of one hundred photos make a series of Basho haiku about ponds and frogs. The juxtaposition pleases
for the most part. The enormity of effort enacts a mimetic performance pulling a text 
out of the past and crashing it
through the present moment again and again with each turn of the page."

>The Sky The< by Michael Sikkema. $8

rob mclennan wrote a review of this great chapbook by Michael Sikkema:

"There is such a fine sense of incompleteness to the poems, polished, finished poems that end before they really end…
Through twenty-seven short poems (none longer than a page), there is a sharpness here, an energy that might even be
called restrained, utilized in the slyest way."

See the full review here.

An excerpt:

how to explain your politics at a party
since I got all nest-faced
I’ve been trying
out the POV
of a damselfly & avoiding
the chapter on cannibalism