Designer Andrew Roberts has done it again with this kicky new cover. I’m calling it a reboot. (Sorry!) That yellow? Maybe “Custard’s Last Stand.” But it’s really a very beautiful eye-spangling design for the paperback edition which is NOW AVAILABLE.  Did I tell you it was NOW AVAILABLE? It is!

I’m very happy that the book won the CANADIAN JEWISH LITERARY AWARD for fiction in 2021.

Donald Weber wrote a very nice review of the book at the Jewish Book Council.

AND I had the chance to speak to Shelagh Rogers on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter about the book. The interview is here.

The book as a hardcover or paperback is NOW AVAILABLE in Canada here and in the US here, plus of course your favourite indie bookstore or big box store. It’s also available as an e-book, an audiobook or psychically here. Did I mention that it was NOW AVAILABLE!?!?!

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